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The 2008 Republican Convention by Jo Freeman

Outside the Xcel Center

Many groups came to the convention to talk
up their issues and talk to each other

Good to see you

At their "Big Tent Celebration" the Republican Majority for Choice heard several current and former elected officials explain that John McCain would not put social issues up front. The RMC later decided not to endorse anyone for President.

Christine Todd Whitman
former New Jersey Governor Christine Todd Whitman

Arlen Spector
Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania

T. Roosevelt IV
Theodore Roosevelt IV tells Republicans for Environmental Protection
why John McCain will protect the environment.

Inside the MCC, a large hall housed Civic Fest, a week long "celebration of history and democracy," the official Republican souvenir store, and a Republican marketplace, where over a hundred organizations and vendors paid $2500 for a booth for a week.

GOP Vending Booth

The official RNC souvenir store attracted most of the traffic.

Official Protst Site
The Log Cabin Republicans await the crowds in the Republican Marketplace.
The name is based on their belief that Abe Lincoln was secretly gay.

At previous conventions it was common for delegates to dress in fancy hats and outfits. Republicans were more creative at this than Democrats. In 2008 very few delegates in either convention expressed themselves sartorially.

Texas delegation
The Texas delegation wore different matching outfits every night.

Texas delegates


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