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The 2008 Republican Convention by Jo Freeman


Welcome DelegatesThe Republican National Convention met in Minneapolis - St. Paul on September 1 - 4. The GOP last convened in the twin cities in 1892. That year delegates gathered in the Industrial Exposition Building in Minneapolis. In 2008, the convention met in the Xcel center in St. Paul. The Minneapolis Convention Center (MCC) was the site for the convention committee meetings, the Sunday night delegate party and many official functions. A sizable portion of downtown St. Paul around the Xcel center was fenced in to create a security zone. Both access and view were severely limited.

Convention Center
View of the Xcel center from over the fence.

Convention Center through fence
View of the Xcel center through the fence.

Thtrough the fence
The media entrance to the Xcel center through the security fence

Inside the Xcel Center

Balloons hang ready to be dropped. It took 200 volunteers six hours to inflate them all.

Main Speaker
There were lots of empty seats each evening until right before
the main speaker was due to come on stage.

There was still plenty of applause

At one time delegates could also bring in their own signs. Those days are gone. The signs that look homemade were painted by volunteers under the direction of RNCC staff. Those and the more numerous printed signs were passed out under the command of convention managers. Security screeners confiscated all other signs at the entrances.

We Love Cindy
We Love Cindy greeted Cindy McCain

Seemingly hand painted signs were given to small clusters of people to give the impression that these reflected their personal sentiments.

Build the Fence
Build the fence

Cindy for First Lady

Palin Power

GOP Youth

The Maverick

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