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The 2008 Democratic Convention by Jo Freeman

DNC buttonThe Democrats met in an historic Convention in Denver, Colorado on August 25-28 to nominate the first African American to head a major party ticket. Many daytime meetings were held in the Colorado Convention Center. The official sessions of the Convention were held in the Pepsi Center, except for the acceptance speech which was held in the much larger Invesco Center.

It is traditional for the local press to host a party for the visiting media the Saturday night preceeding the convention. This one was held in Denver’s amusement park.

Barack Obama
Barack Obama at the Media Party

Although she did not get the Democratic nomination, Hillary Clinton was in great demand as a speaker.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton speaks at the Hispanic Caucus on Monday morning.

Hillary Clinton
Hillary Clinton speaks to a new organization created
by her primary supporters while Chelsea listens.

Inside the Colorado Convention Center

John Conyers
Cong. John Conyers (MI) was the main speaker at a Sunday discussion of
"The Impact of the Civil Rights Movement on American Politics."

Volunteers stood guard to make sure trash was put into the right receptacles.

a captive audience
Several prominent women addressed the Women’s Caucus when it met on Tuesday and Thursday morning. Hillary Clinton was not among them.

Claire McCaskill
Sen. Claire McCaskill (MO)

Donna Brazile
Donna Brazile

Michelle Obama
Michelle Obama

Barbara Boxer
Sen. Barbara Boxer (CA)

Over fifteen thousand members of the media descended on the Democratic Convention, not all of whom were able to get convention credentials. The press briefing room in the Colorado Convention Center was open even to those without convention credentials.

Democratic women

At a Sunday morning press briefing House Speaker Nancy Pelosi introduces the three other co-chairs of the 2008 Democratic Convention. They were: Kansas Governor Kathleen Sebelius, Texas State Senator Leticia Van de Putte, Atlanta Mayor Shirley Franklin,

Democratic Senatorial candidates

On Wednesday Sen. Charles Shumer (NY), chair of the DSCC (Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee) introduced six candidates for Senate seats that the Democrats were heavily promoting.

Outside the Colorado Convention Center


The DNC rented space to bloggers who couldn’t get convention credentials. For $100 they got a place to plug in their computers and food for the week. On the floor above was a stage where politicians held press conferences and issue groups promoted their causes.

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