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Marching on the Republicans — 2008

by Jo Freeman

Part 1: Rally at the State Capitol

Part 2: March to the Xcel Center

March on RNCBetween twenty and twenty-five thousand people gathered on the lawn in front of the State Capitol in St. Paul, Minnesota on Monday, September 1, to listen to two hours of speeches before marching to the Xcel Center where the Republicans were holding their convention.

Organized by a coalition of anti-war groups, local unions and left-wing political parties, the common goal was ending the occupation of Iraq. Some groups carried signs promoting other issues. There were plenty of anti-McCain signs, but only a few for other candidates —Barack Obama, Ralph Nader, Cynthia McKinney and Ron Paul.

Protestors had planned to confront Republican delegates on the first day of their convention, but concern over Hurricane Gustav led convention organizers to reduce the Monday meeting to the two hours necessary to cover essential business.

Because it was Labor Day, business and government buildings were closed and the downtown streets were deserted. The rally and march had few outside observers other than police, press, and, as the march neared the Xcel Center, an occasional person wearing a McCain button.

Rally at the state capitol:

RNC March

RNC March
RNC March
RNC  March

RNC March

RNC March

RNC March

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