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Over 7,000 New York women and some men convened at the state capitol, Albany, on July 8-10, 1977 to elect 88 delegates to the National Women's Conference. Some came as members of organized groups; some came on their own. Busses were chartered from the major cities and inexpensive dormitory rooms made available at the local state university. Child care was provided. For a registration fee of $1, participants could go to a vast array of workshops, plenaries and line up to vote throughout the weekend. There were free health tests, films, exhibits and art shows. Topics were determined by whoever wanted to give a workshop or exhibit. They included education, law, health care, peace and creativity. Elementary karate was taught by one group; assertiveness training by another. Women's history was everywhere; women learned it, and made it. As was true around the country, the most controversial issues were abortion, sexual preference, and the Equal Rights Amendment.

Photos of the 1977 NY State Women's Meeting by Jo Freeman

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Outside the hall
Bulletin board

An outdoor meeting at Empire State Plaza



Caucuses, coalitions and meetings were everywhere.

Jean O'Leary and Midge Costanza

Tanya Melich and Mary Thom

IWY Commissioner Jean O'Leary, co-chair of the National Gay Task Force confers with Midge Costanza, special assistant to President Carter



Tanya Melich and Mary Thom

Catherine East
  Lining up to vote


Catherine East, first director of the IWY staff, and a long time feminist activist in the federal government.



People line up to vote for delegates to the national conference.



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