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Women: A Feminist Perspective
4th Edition

edited by Jo Freeman

Mayfield Publishing Company (1989 )
(Out of Print)

Table of Contents

Published in 1989, this edition features a few articles on new topics, along with some new authors on traditional ones and significant revisions by authors of retained articles.

Women: A Feminist Perspective

Out of Print— but sometimes available used


by Jo Freeman

by Jo Freeman

Part One: The Body and its Control

- Sexual Terrorism
by Carole J. Sheffield

- The Rape Culture
by Dianne F. Herman

- Abortion: The Controversial Choice
by Nadean Bishop

- Sexual Harassment: The Link Joining Gender Stratification, Sexuality, and Women's Economic Status
by Susan Ehrlich Martin

- Women, Health, and Medicine
by Barbara Katz Rothman

Part Two: In and Out of the Family

- Women and the American Family: Continuity and Change
by Naomi Gerstel and Harriet Engel Gross

- The Balance of Power in Dating and Marriage
by Letitia Anne Peplau and Susan Miller Campbell

- Marital Relationships and Mental Health: The Psychic Costs of Inequality
by Janice M. Steil

- Marital Intimacy and Conflict: The Irony of Spousal Equality
by Janet Saltzman Chafetz

- Motherhood: Contemporary Conflict for Women
by Michele Hoffnung

- Child Care
by Jill Norgren

Part Three: Growing up Female

- Gender-Role Socialization: Lessons in Femininity
by Hilary M. Lips

- Women and Higher Education: Gender Differences in the Status of Students and Scholars
by Mary Frank Fox

- The Double Standard: Age
by Inge Powell Bell

- The Internalization of Powerlessness: A Case Study of the Displaced Homemaker
by Lois M. Greenwood-Audant

Part Four: The Working Woman

- Women in the Labor Force: An Overview
by Francine A Blau and Anne E. Winkler

- Clerical Work: The Female Occupation
by Evelyn Nakano Glenn and Roslyn L. Feldberg

- "Union is Power": Sketches from Women's Labor History
by Barbara M. Werthheimer and Anne H. Nelson

- Professional Women: How Real Are the Recent Gains?
by Debra Renee Kaufman

- Trust, Loyalty and the Place of Women in the Informal Organization of Work
by Judith Lorber

- Women's Work is Never Done: The Division of Domestic Labor
by Shelley W. Coverman

Part Five: Institutions of Social Control

- The Legal Revolution
by Jo Freeman

- Out of Order: A Critical Perspective on Women in Religion
by Martha J. Reineke

- The Experiences of Minority Women in the United States: Intersections of Race, Gender, and Class
by Elizabeth M. Almquist

- What Price Independence? Social Reactions to Lesbians, Spinsters, Widows, and Nuns
by Rose Weitz

- The Sexual Politics of Interpersonal Behavior
by Nancy Henley and Jo Freeman

- Sexism and the English Language: The Linguistic Implications of Being a Woman
by Karen L. Adams and Norma C. Ware

- Poverty is a Woman's Problem
by Kathleen Shortridge

- Farewell to Alms: Women's Fare Under Welfare
by Diana M. Pearce

- Women's Athletics and the Myth of Female Frailty
by Nancy Theberge

- Women at West Point: Lessons for Token Women in Male Dominated Occupations
by Janice D. Yoder

Part Six: Feminism

- Feminist Organization and Activities from Suffrage to Women's Liberation
by Jo Freeman

- Feminist Consciousness and Black Women
by Pauline Terrelonge

- Keep Us on the Pedestal: Women Against Feminism in Twentieth-Century America
by Susan E. Marshall

- From Pedestals to Partners: Men's Responses to Feminism
by Michael S. Kimmel


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