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Women: A Feminist Perspective
3rd Edition

edited by Jo Freeman

Mayfield Publishing Company (1984)
(Out of Print)

Table of Contents

By its 1984 publication, women's studies courses had become established. This edition contains several new authors, writing on topics preferred by women's studies professors which had not been in previous editions. Repeat chapters were substantially revised. Issues raised by race and economics are given greater emphasis than previously.

Women: A Feminist Perserspective

Out of Print— but sometimes available used


Preface by Jo Freeman

Introduction by Jo Freeman

Part One: The Body and its Control
- Sexual Terrorism
by Carole J. Sheffield

- The Rape Culture
by Dianne Herman

- Abortion: The Controversial Choice
by Nadean Bishop

- Sexual Harassment: The Link between Gender Stratification, Sexuality, and Women's Economic Status
by Susan Ehrlich Martin

- Women, Health, and Medicine
by Barbara Katz-Rothman

Part Two: In and Out of the Family

- The Origin of the Family
by Kathleen Gough

- Power in Dating Relationships
by Letitia Anne Peplau

- Marital Relationships and Mental Health: The Psychic Costs of Inequality
by Janice M. Steil

- Motherhood: Contemporary Conflict for Women
by Michele Hoffnung

- Child Care
by Jill Norgren

Part Three: Growing up Female

- Sex Role Socialization: A Focus on Women
by Lenore J. Weitzman

- Women and Higher Education: Sex Differentials in the Status of Students and Scholars
by Mary Frank Fox

- The Double Standard: Age
by Inge Powell Bell

- The Internalization of Powerlessness: A Case Study of the Displaced Homemaker
by Lois M. Greenwood-Audant

- Women and Widowhood: The Suffering beyond Grief
by Judith M. Stillion

Part Four: The Working Woman

- Women in the Labor Force: An Overview
by Francine D. Blau

- Clerical Work: The Female Occupation
by Evelyn Nakano Glenn and Roslyn L. Feldberg

- "Union Is Power": Sketches from Women's Labor History
by Barbara M. Wertheimer

- Professional Women: How Real Are the Recent Gains?
by Debra Renee Kaufman

- Trust, Loyalty, and the Place of Women in the Informal Organization of Work
by Judith Lorber

Part Five: Institutions of Social Control

- Women, Law, and Public Policy
by Jo Freeman

- Women and Politics: The Real Majority
by Naomi B. Lynn

- Race and Ethnicity in the Lives of Minority Women
by Elizabeth McTaggart Almquist

- What Price Independence? Social Reactions to Lesbians,
Spinsters, Widows, and Nuns
by Rose Weitz

- The Sexual Politics of Interpersonal Behavior
by Nancy Henley and Jo Freeman

- Sexism and the English Language: The Linguistic Implications of Being a Woman
by Karen L. Adams and Norma C. Ware

- Poverty Is a Woman's Problem
by Kathleen Shortridge

- Farewell to Alms: Women's Fare under Welfare
by Diana M. Pearce

Part Six: Feminism

- The Historical Background
by Viola Klein

- The First Feminists
by Judith Hole and Ellen Levine

- The Women's Liberation Movement: Its Origins, Structure, Activities, and Ideas
by Jo Freeman

- Feminist Consciousness and Black Women
by Pauline Terrelonge

- Keep Us on the Pedestal: Women against Feminism in Twentieth Century America
by Susan E. Marshall


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