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Women: A Feminist Perspective
1st Edition

edited by Jo Freeman

Mayfield Publishing Company (1975 )
(Out of Print)

Table of Contents

Provides a comprehensive overview of women's condition in the United States as of its 1975 publication date. Combining feminist passion with a critical analysis of existing studies on women, it quickly became the leading textbook for introductory courses in women's studies, which were themselves new to the curriculum.

Women: A Feminist Perspective

Out of Print— but sometimes available used


Introduction by Jo Freeman

Part One: The Body and its Control

- Woman's Biology - Mankind's Destiny: The Population Explosion and Women's Changing Roles
by Anne Wilson, Merry Bolt, and Wendy Larsen

-Female Sexual Alienation
by Linda Phelps

- Rape: The All-American Crime
by Susan Griffin

Part Two: In and Out of the Family

- The Origin of the Family
by Kathleen Gough

- Who Has the Power? The Marital Struggle
by Dair L. Gillespie

- Who Shall Care for Our Children? The History and Development of Day Care in the United States
by Rosalyn F. Baxandall

Part Three: Growing up Female

- Sex-Role Socialization
by Lenore J. Weitzman

- The Double Standard: Age
by Inge Powell Bell

- The Loneliness of the Long-Distance Mother
by Pauline Bart

- Structural and Internalized Barriers to Women in Higher Education
by Pamela Roby

- How to Discriminate Against Women Without Really Trying
by Jo Freeman

Part Four: The Working Woman

- Women in the Labor Force: An Overview
by Francine D. Blau

- Women in the Professions: Psychological and Social Barriers to Women in Science
by Martha S. White

- Women's Economic Status: Some Clichés and Some Facts
by Shirley Bernard

- Working Poor Women
by Kathleen Shortridge

- Sex Discrimination in the Trade Unions: Legal Resources for Change
by Gail Falk

Part Five: The Double Image

- Women in the American Novel
by Kimberley Snow

- The Paper Doll: Images of American Woman in Popular Songs
by Kay F. Reinartz

- Sexism in Western Art
by Lyvia Morgan Brown

Part Six: Institutions of Social Control

- Feminism and the Law
by Mary Eastwood

- Why Witches Were Women
by Mary Nelson

- The Liberation of Black Women
by Pauli Murray

- Women in American Politics: An Overview
by Naomi Lynn

- Marriage and Psychotherapy
by Phyllis Chesler

- The Sexual Politics of Interpersonal Behavior
by Nancy Henley and Jo Freeman

- Women As A Minority Group
by Helen Mayer Hacker

Part Seven: Feminism

- The Historical Background
by Viola Klein

- The First Feminists
by Judith Hole and Ellen Levine

- The Women's Liberation Movement: Its Origins, Structures, Impact, and Ideas
by Jo Freeman


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